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1. Be sure to read Our Mission Statement, Spring Concert Requirements, and Commitment Statements which are on separate pages.

2. If you have song suggestions, please find either tape or sheet music and give it to the director. All song selections are made by the programming committee and the director, but they use music from many sources.

3. From time to time, members have objections, comments and/or feedback regarding songs that are to be learned. If you have a problem, or a joy, concerning any music that is introduced you must give your input to our director, and only to Cindy, by the business meeting immediately following the introduction of the music; and the sooner the better!

4. We acknowledge that people have differing issues around safety (including criticism, interpersonal relationships, ability, etc.) We encourage people to be sensitive and speak directly with the other person involved. The choir is not an encounter group. If there are unresolved conflicts, we encourage you to speak with your section leader or another person that you trust. (Myra is a good choice.)

5. All of our sheet music can be found in two files that are always at our rehearsals. If you find that there is only one copy left in the file...the rule is "touch it and die". In other words please mention it to Myra, our sheet music princess, and she will make sure more copies are made available as soon as possible. DO NOT TAKE THE LAST COPY, EVER.

6. You will also find a complete list of all songs that are on practice CD, on a separate sheet. Cheri is our CD elf. Cheri is in charge of making the practice CDs for the chorus. As the session continues and more music becomes available, she will make a second and then third CD with the new practice music. You may also bring her a flash drive (aka thumb drive or gig stick) to use. (If you absolutely have to have a tape, you can get one.)

7. Business Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month. The meeting starts at 6 p.m., rehearsals begin immediately following. Decisions are made at these meetings, and if you wish to be a part of that process, please attend. The minutes are avaiable on our website. If you are unable to attend and still wish to comment, read the minutes and give your suggestions to Cynthia or your section leader.

8. Expectations: You are responsible for learning the music. You are expected to attend each rehearsal. They start at 6:30. Please come early if you wish to chat. If you are ill, or must be out of town, call your section leader and let her know. It is especially important to not miss any rehearsals in March, April (or May if we have a later-in-the-year concert). We have monthly dues of $15.00 per month. Please stay current; they are due at the business meeting. If this presents a financial hardship, there are scholarships available. Please speak to Camille, checkbook goddess.

9. Subsidies and Scholarships:
Child Care - We encourage our choir mothers to take advantage of the subsidy that is available for care at home or on site. We ask that you make your own arrangements (individually or collectively) and let Camille know what your monetary needs are. We generally budget an amount for this subsidy at the beginning of the year. Once the fund is used up, that’s it.
Workshops/Out of Town Events - There are limited scholarships available for fees and lodging.
Voice Improvement - We also encourage our members to strive for vocal health and to pursue private lessons. Occasional scholarships may be available, please ask the director.

10. A questionnaire will be given out in February to see how well each member knows the music, how comfortable we are with each piece and where we need to concentrate our efforts. Cindy uses this information in rehearsal, so your feedback is very important!

11. Environment: PLEASE do not wear perfume, scented hairspray or anything with a heavy fragrance to rehearsals, and definitely not at performances. Natural oils can also be problematic. We have members with allergies, environmental sensitivities, sinus problems etc. (our “canaries”) that don't need exacerbation. We will be most grateful for your understanding and compliance. Please ask our “canaries” if you have a question.

12. The choir is not a participatory democracy, nor is it a consensus-driven organization. It is a benevolent dictatorship, so be nice to Cindy, trust in her and let her do the job!


Section Leaders: TBA Hi- soprano
Cheri Langlois Lo-soprano Karen Rakofsky and Zattu Kadan Hi-mezzo
Myra Beals Lo-mezzo Donna Feiner Hi-alto Meadow Lo-alto
Our Director: Cindy Frank 964-9520 (this is her work number; it’s best)


Mendocino Women's Choir, PO Box 807, Mendocino, California 95460
If you have any questions you can email Cynthia, Our Director directly.