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We rehearse every Wednesday evening, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., warm-ups are at 6:30 sharp.
Business meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00. If you want to participate in decision making, Please Come! Rehearsals after the business meeting last until 9:30. As we get close to performance time, we may also run a few late rehearsals.
1998There will also be weekend day rehearsals of four (4) hours in January, February and March & April (one per month). We realize not everyone can come to these rehearsals, but they’ll help enormously, and they’re a lot of fun.

Please come to every rehearsal. Even if you learn quickly, or feel you could catch up promptly, we need you there so we can hear the blend. We coach all the singers on dynamics blend and phrasing. You need to attend so that you can inspire the singers next to you, who may not learn as quickly.

Warm-ups are required and will start promptly at 6:30. We do understand that your work may make it difficult for you to be on time for warm-ups. Please communicate with your section leader. Once they have begun, members are expected to be in attendance. There will be designated people to lead the physical warm ups. Volunteers are welcomed and fervently hoped for. Please ask Cheri for a CD of our choral warm-ups suggestions, too.

We will begin sectionals (often at Cindy’s house) in the fall, too. Some sectional work will be done at selected rehearsals.

Synergy Lives!

Just before break time, section leaders will check for problems with the music that has been worked on in the first half. This is an attempt to get answers to questions without breaking the director’s concentration.

1999We do understand that “real life” intervenes, and that sometimes you must be out of town or stay with a sick family member, etc. The section leaders will track attendance and if you are absent three (3) consecutive times a postcard will be sent asking you to get in touch. If we don’t hear from you, you will be considered unavailable for this cycle. Please be sure to call your section leader and let her know in any case. If you plan a trip out of town that will prevent you from attending more than one rehearsal (especially after 2/1), you must discuss this with Cynthia. People who miss rehearsals, even with valid reasons must know their music (in most cases we can let you know what to work on or listen to while you’re away; in some cases, depending on the length and timing of your absence, it may prevent you from participating in a performance).

We commit to a number of performances, the main ones being our spring concerts. Please check the Spring Concert Requirements for details on all obligations regarding these concerts.

Being in the choir is a mutual commitment that we make and it requires our full attention.

Mendocino Women's Choir, PO Box 807, Mendocino, California 95460
If you have any questions you can email Cynthia, Our Director directly.