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note21. It is mandatory that you attend the rehearsal the weekend before the concert, both "tech" and dress rehearsals. If you cannot, please contact the director and your section leader as soon as you know there’s a conflict. Your participation in the concerts might be dependent on your participation in these rehearsals.

2. Make-up is required for all singers; if you need help we have very capable and talented women who will assist you.

note3. Black bottoms are worn, pants, skirts, tights, nylons, socks. Jewel tone tops; any kind of sleeve is acceptable, solid (no patterns).

4. Choir members may not save seats for friends or relatives for any performance.

5. Dress rehearsal guest attendance is only for people who will be out of town for the regular performances, media, those invited by the director or producer, or those with developmental disabilities who wouldn’t be able to attend a regular performance.

Please encourage your friends to buy tickets for regular performances

Mendocino Women's Choir, PO Box 807, Mendocino, California 95460
If you have any questions you can email Cynthia, Our Director directly.